Words Can't Describe


Love ... happiness ... hope ...
these are the emotions that dreams are made of,
feelings like these form desire and passion,
Romeo felt like this,
as he looked into the eyes,
of Juliet,
standing tall,
standing strong,
I know this power,
a power without name or expression,
an energy,
felt within,
I search and find it everywhere,
throughout my body,
it fills me,
you can see it,
feel it,
look behind the wonder of my smile,
look past the magick held within my eyes,
know the truth,
see how your simple touch,
can last a lifetime,
thoughts of you seduce my soul,
your kiss crumbles every wall,
your soft words pierce my heart,
my life is mine,
my heat is yours,
my soul is open,
know this from a simple man,
hear the words from a humble soul,
every second I think of your soft embrace,
every moment I think of you calling my name,
no better way can a life be lived,
then full of a passion and love for a woman,
a woman above all others,
a woman like you,
passion and power,
a connection within a soul,
tired of old walls,
weary of so much distance,
like a race horse at the starting gate,
so holds my raging spirit,
holds for a word,
a word that means freedom for my soul.