Wicca: Dispelling the Myths

Wicca: Dispelling the myth
by SilentRune

        When I sat down to write this page, I thought "my Goddess, where to begin?". With Wicca being as diverse as it is, I could certainly not even attempt to dispel all of the myths that encircle this belief system. Then it occurred to me. "Aha! Define exactly what the word myth is and see what comes of it!" So, here goes...eh-hum. Myth a traditional or legendary story, esp. one that involves gods and heroes and explains a cultural practice or natural object or phenomenon. 2. Stories of this kind collectively, mythology 3. An invented story, fictitious person, etc. 4. A belief or set of beliefs, often unproven or false, that have accrued around a person, phenomenon, or institution. - Random House, Webster's College Dictionary

        This really does help, doesn't it? O.k. for an icebreaker, maybe. Let us begin with facts, commonly asked questions and finish up with smear campaigns. I would like to think that with the writing of this, that common sense was common. You would most likely be absolutely amazed at what people believe us Wiccan type folk do. I think that the only way to "dispel" a myth is to look at the core of that myth. Also, to look at the people that serve as Wiccan Clergy and practitioners of all types.

        One of the most common things that I run into is the question of do we worship or make compacts with Satan. My answer is quite simply, Hell no! (Pardon the pun). Wiccans not only do NOT make compacts with the Devil, we simply do not believe in its existence.

        Another one that (In my humble opinion) shocks me to no extent that people have been so misinformed about us is, do Wiccan people sacrifice? The answer to that one is absolutely, YES! We sacrifice relationships with family, who call us the enemy; we sacrifice significant others who refuse to understand who we are or are afraid of us; we sacrifice our privacy as we must be able to stand up for who we are and what we are about; we sacrifice our families in court battles over our children, because some people are just desperate enough to promote religious intolerance by using public misinformation against us in court during divorce; we sacrifice our jobs because the wrong person finds out that we believe differently and we suddenly find ourselves unemployed; we sacrifice our homes, due to vandalism and hate crimes; in some cases even today, we sacrifice our lives because we did not believe like someone else, and in the name of their God would destroy a human life.

        In light of that, yes I do suppose we sacrifice quite a bit. To keep in context with the question of sacrifice however, no we do not. We live by what is known as the Wiccan Rede. That is to say, an it harm no one, do what you will. This includes animals and children. Both of which we revere as sacred, being another spirit and part of Deity. We hold that law above all others, and I suspect we always shall.

        With many of the misunderstandings that arise, common sense will always prevail. Do witches ride brooms? Do witches eat babies? Do witches have to wear wigs, because they don't have any hair? Are witches capable of crying? Can witches love? Can witches tell me my entire future? Are witches responsible for abortion? Can witches change the course of the sun? Now some of these questions may sound silly to you. In each case, I have been asked these kinds of questions in serious context! No kidding.

        Wiccan people are only people. We believe a bit differently than others, and last time I checked...it really was o.k. to do that. Even today, in the "age of intelligence" ignorance and misinformation run rampant. Who you might ask is responsible for such misinformation? Well, there are some scary religious zealots out there who would have you believe all of the above, even though they know without a doubt that what they say is false.

        I recently read a book which shall remain nameless, which made Wiccan people out to be people who go out and brain wash, recruit for our "demonic mass", and of course eat babies. I was horribly offended until I got to the point where the same book and the same author went on to say that the Barney was evil (which, sometimes even I agree) and that the Smurfs were the anti-Christ! I suppose all of these things need to be taken with a grain of salt.

        On that note, I will wind this up simply with this. Wiccans are people, too. We bleed, we cry, we love, we have family and friends. We work for a living just like everyone else does. We have flakes, zealots, psycho's and perverts just as does any religion. Take a look around for yourself. People are people, regardless of their beliefs. Maybe one day, true acceptance of one's own spiritual path will allow others to be comfortable enough with their own spirituality that pages like this, don't ever have to be written.

May you never hunger, and may you never thirst!
Bless and Blessed Be,