The Dogma of My Life


Time here,
time gone,
time spent,
nothing to do in the past,
nothing but to wait for the future,
only this second to handle,
each day different and twisted,
each moment lived and passed,
loved and held,
if the next second were to stop my world,
if my soul ended at that moment,
it's my heart that holds the record of my life,
it's my inheritance to my progeny,
within me is written,
the life I led,
the life I choose,
some would call me poor,
as I did not follow their path,
spending my time,
in an effort only to increase the padding in my pocket,
these people would look down on my life,
a life lived ....
lived for warmth,
lived for a lover's touch,
lived for each smile I could create,
within every person,
I am a man complex in my simplicities,
a man who followed his sleeve,
a sleeve that followed his heart,
this is the core of who I am,
from these simple thoughts,
judge me then,
judge ....
a father,
a lover,
a brother,
and son.