Magick: Sympathetic

Sympathetic Magick by

        One of the oldest forms of sympathetic magick was used thousands of years ago by primitive man. Primitive man would build a clay statue of the animal they would be hunting and then symbolically kill it. Doing this, they believed, would bring a successful hunt. Primitive man also would have a leader dress in skins and horns of the animal and play the part of the god of the hunt, then lead the hunters in the hunt.

        There are many uses for sympathetic magick; for primitive man, it was a way of life. If they didnít catch any food, they would go hungry. Sympathetic magick means that like attracts like. It is a very old and powerful form of magick.

Before you do any magick, you should make sure it wonít harm anyone and be positive that you have done everything possible in the mundane world, first.