Smells like Rain


I sit,
on a cold single stone,
high upon a hill,
myself for company,
my mind for conversation,
inwardly I smile at my awkward happiness,
a warm day,
I enjoy it,
Life is ... life,
I scan the world below,
my surroundings I enjoy,
I inhale,
my senses are filled,
it's a musty smell,
like after the first leaves drop in fall,
I gaze above,
the clouds roll by,
slow and steady like the ocean,
the sun sneaking rays of light,
through every gap,
my world floats between moments of gray,
and seconds of bright light,
I sigh,
my body tires,
once again,
what to do,
where to turn,
like the flipping of a coin,
a simple toss of fate,
one side,
assume the darkness will prevail,
and walk in from the rain,
the other,
wait for the sun,
to turn aside the clouds,
I inhale,
I stop,
why does it smell like rain?
I sit,
I will wait for the sun,
and if I'm wrong,
it's ok,
I've been known to dance in the rain.