Simple Smiles


Like a snake,
they weave and twist,
running from excitement to excitement,
a child's love for life,
a woman's love for a child,
each moment a joy,
each moment a bond,
to see them,
is to see joy,
nothing is asked of her,
nothing is required,
but yet she spins and rolls,
along side the tornado of my life,
never did I think my love would grow,
out of my hands .. so wild with it's power,
every fear washed away,
every time,
I see a smile of warmth and joy,
from a child..
the child of my life,
I know as she knows,
as my son knows..
her weaves are not forced,
her spins are not false,
she does this for the purest of emotions,
my heart goes deep,
these smiles are not aimed at me,
and I know it..
this is for him..
for her..
these are smiles they share,