A smile,
aimed at your heart,
remember I plead,
my heart on it's knees,
my soul balanced,
my life filled,
don't look into the darkness,
your eyes mislead you,
they see only illusions
images of florescent lights and paved streets,
a path so over traveled,
a road so flat and steady,
its lack of life hypnotizes the mind,
so easy then,
to lose sight of where you were going,
so simple to forget,
where you have been,
close ...
close your tired eyes,
search inward,
let the warmth of a spirit close to you lead you,
let the energy of passion flow into your world,
let the rays of light from a loving soul touch you,
all of these make up the rainbow of life,
and it's light will find the cracks,
within the surface of your soul.