One of those Moments


Sometimes ... the fear in me .. screams..
like a banshee at midnight
howling from the pain, the torment
of a soul
empty of passion
empty of love
my mind lifts up
tries to power up it's shielding....
sending a yearning across my body
to rush for safety of another's arms
to find a soft heart to comfort the pain I feel within

I stand wondering..
this new strength that stops me from running
that stops my flight
where within me holds this power
to stand my ground
to hold unto something so lost to so many
but so close to my heart
I feel like a paladin of old..
standing for the ways true to his heart
fighting for honor, for life, for love
but across the recesses of my mind
runs sift
like a wolf
praying upon my courage
the response
don't the truest of knights
sometimes lose their way?