On High


I Stand Alone
upon an edge of darkness
upon an edge of light
my hopes float beneith me
its power pulls me
my reality keeps my heart from looking down
upon the edge I stand
ever balanced
up high on a crumbling cliff of security
shady dreams and clowded hopes below
I breathe in .. a cold breath
refreshes my lungs
the kind of breath
like one just after the first snow
my face bitten by the cold teeth of the wind flowing around me
my eyes closed.. my senses alive
emotions flowing around and within me
I can feel the power of life becon me
calling me to once again stand on high
once again my heart and soul, mix
my body stands straight pulled by an internal struggle
my soul ... the solders
my body ... the battlefield
I stand alone
a world around me
a single step forward or backward
to make
a path to choose
a life ... once again ... to live