My Light


By the dawn's early light
by the soft eastern winds
each warm sunset reminds me of a wonderous smile
a smile to me that spans each night

Each night I look and wonder
each night that my heart searches the sky
a sky who's warm starlight
sets ablaze my spirit
my heart's eye looks across for that smile
hidden among the clounds
everytime my eyes lose the shape in the clouds
but to my soul the shape has been known for all of time
over the years the clouds slowly give way
each night my heart places the image closer to my soul
closer to the hopes and dreams I have hoped for
one night a soft sound pulls my mind from its gaze at the clouds
to a still pond
my hearts, of hearts, peers within its stillness
I see myself .. as I see me in life..
still and motionless as my life feels
then a drop from those clouds pierces the silence of my thoughts
falling so slow my eyes can picture its descent from heaven to reach me
it falls slowly and hits the calm refelction of my mind
the ripples wash out the image I see ..
as the ripples widen..
I see my hopes
the hopes I have held so close for so long
I see myself
but at my side I can see the clouds that have fogged my spirit
but the pool clears the clouds of my mind
and shows to my heart the image I knew was there..
the image I hoped always would be there..
an image
of you and I