Love and Light


In Darkness we stand
our breath floats from us
like small clouds of smoke from our internal dragyn's
we stand together, but alone
we stand looking into the darkness, up high
we all look for the same thing
we all wish for the same thing
we search for it everyday
we are all bound in it
forgeting our lives for the moment
taking in the chilly anticipation
our conversation brings us smiles
our frienship brings us together
so once again we stand
all looking for the same thing
a moment of light to blind the darkest moments
a moment of warm that flows over us like a rolling river
our voices drop as we can all sense its coming
its energy lifts us
flows around us, between us, through us..
our hearts pace
as we can all feel its raw power overwhelming us
our eyes lock ...
peering into the distance
we squint looking at something that doesn't exist
the moment freezes like when you drop a glass
and it floats down to its destruction
in a blaze of wonder and excitement
a flash of light rages over us
like the wind
we once again see the wonder of life
as the darkness fades to the power of life's light
so our own darkness is washed out
we all are bound in it's glory
once more all fill with the power of
Love and Light