Invocation of Arawn


Mighty Arawn who hunts in the night,
with thy red eyed dogs by the pale moonlight.

Come to this circle we call to thee,
On Samhain eve, let thy dead be free.

We are the witches, who honor the dead,
who call them forth to this loving spread.

You we invoke, in this witching hour,
Bring back those we love with your mighty power.

Allow them to visit from across the sea,
To come from the west, for this night to be free.

Give us our loved ones to visit tonight,
And to you they’ll return when comes the sunlight.

And to you mighty lord, whom we invoke,
Let our praises resound on midnight’s stroke.

Tonight is the wild hunt the time of great fear,
But tonight we do call you, to lend us your ear.

Come to this circle and come ye in love,
And we will revere you, as you ride above.

Yea come to our circle in love and in trust,
For when witches call you to come, so ye must.

So as we call you to give up your dead,
Yet shall we feed you with milk, eggs, and bread.

For ‘tween the boundaries of earth and of sky,
‘Tween all the worlds, this circle doth lie.

Arawn we do call you to come and to rest,
To gather with witches at this Samhain fest!