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Thanks to SilentRune, SylphSong, and LionHeart
for their support in the design and information
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without their help this site would be nothing but a few pictures
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        Hello, Well let me introduce myself, my name is Matt. I am the designer and creator of this page. I hope you like this page. Please bookmark it. I know this page will grow in warmth and knowlegde as time goes on. I now leave this site in the wonderful care of the people I designed it for. :::Bows:::

Profile for SilentRune

        Hello to the world! For purpose of public domain, my name is simply Rune. I am the Elder High Priest of the Coven of the Waking Dragon. I am absolutely thrilled with this new web page idea!!! Many thanks to Matt who designed these pages and was an inspiration to our group to put one up in the first place! You are a really kewli kind of guy, Matt...much appreciated! (Know what I mean?) For me, I am pretty basic. I am a Wiccan High Priest (Which, with a quarter might get you a bag of chips ) of the Eclectic variety. I enjoy working with everyone within our group and those that circle with us! These people are my extended family, and I don't really know where I'd be without each of their special influences within my life. You all mean so much to me and I love you with all of my heart.

       O On the mundane side of things, I enjoy long discussions, watching movies, hiking, camping and (dare I say it) Pacific Circle! Woo-hoo, what a jam...and it was anything but mundane! I have one fat, black kitty (Cliché, I know) who's name is Rhiannon. I also have a big ole husky/shepherd mix named Thor. I live with my High Priestess, SylphSong, PhoenixFire as well as the web designer of this page and his son.

       O One of my favorite chants, which I shall partly use here as my favorite quote, is simply, "She changes everything She touches, and everything She touches, changes." The story of my life, My Lady!

May you always have Love, Long Life and Good Friends and Family!

Blessed Be, SilentRune

Profile for SylphSong

        Merry meet! After 32 years in an unsatisfactory religion, I finally found my home in Wicca. I am currently learning how to be - and how not to be! - an elder high priestess of a coven. Balancing these duties with my mundane job as a glorified secretary makes life rather interesting! In my spare, non-craft, time, I enjoy reading fantasy, drama and thriller books. Writing, collecting movies and dolphins, laughing and wasting time are some of my favorite hobbies.

        I would not be where I am in the Craft today if it wasn't for my Shalafi... my friend... my roommate and co-conspirator - my teacher, SilentRune. I am also blessed to have my supportive covenmates for friends and family! Matt, thank you for taking our dream of a web page and making it into this terrific reality!

        And, most of all, I thank my Lord and Lady for my very life, and for bringing to me all those who share this incarnation with me. I am grateful that You waited so patiently for me to wake up! Help me to never forget to run and play in the fields!

        It is my hope that we can find a balance between Traditional Craft teachings and modern ideals, yet still pass on the knowledge our ancestors possessed and sacrificed their lives to preserve.

May our Lady grace your dreams with love, light and laughter!
Blessed Be! SylphSong
May you seek after treasures of precious gold,
and find them within the hearts of others.
                - Mary Summer Rain

Profile for LionHeart

        He has yet to decide who he is... so he can give me his profile

Profile for PhoenixFire

        Hi, here I am - PhoenixFire. I seem to have this uncanny ability to rise from the ashes (haha:) When Wicca came into my life, I knew I was home!! I started walking the path of the Wise Ones on March 1997. I earned my first degree and craft name January, 1998. I now am working towards my second degree, I will update when I get there :) As for the mundane, I like music (forever a rocker), concerts, movies, singing, camping, reading, beaches, mountains, and I just try to live life to the fullest! My Coven duties are Summoner and Keeper of the Tome. To all my Coven family I Love You with all my heart! Now you know a little about me. Hope to hear from you all!! :)

Love and Light! Blessed Be!!

Profile for K'Chara

        Hi, my public name is K'Chara. I became interested in Wicca because my girlfriend was beginning her studies. I like the ways of Wicca; it seems right to me. I took my dedicationn on Feb 28, 1998. I love nature and the love that is felt between people and within the Craft. I am learning to become the Warden of the Coven of the Waking Dragon. I look forward to walking the path of the High Priestess of the Craft of the Wise.

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