Grand Cannon


I smile as I think of you,
like a river,
power and passion flow between,
it's warmth crosses our feet in the shallows,
but to far across to swim or paddle,
to distant to jump or swing,
the warmth enters my mind,
planting itself within me,
my mind casted in clarity,
my focus pinpointed,
I sigh,
a breath of reflection,
each branch across to short,
each jump to shallow,
I see the shore across,
I see her standing within it's sands,
her warm words draw me,
each thought tried,
each hope efforted,
hard to see her face,
each failed crossing,
drowns not my spirit,
each retreat back to shore,
clouds not my eyes,
but it soaks my hope,
raising my fears of fallen effort,
I sit,
soaked and wet,
fearing that,
that I seem strangely foolish,
like a cat out of a bath,
appearing to be a shriveled shell of the man I am,
when dried off.