Inside myself I hide,
like a mouse within a hole,
I am trapped by my own walls,
my heart imprisoned behind walls of bone and muscle,
on my horse I sit,
a knight of old..
a life of honor and right,
destroying all warmth within my sight,
to care is to give,
to love to share,
I live by my own code,
I stand looking and alone,
my heart turns asunder,
a knight is meant for protection,
protect my Angel,
the wind whispers,
who are you?
I am only who I am,
just a man,
trapped within,
honor woven within me,
like wool within a rug,
I must be who I am,
but who I am?
complex as a shooting star,
passion ...
emotion ...
these are the metals that forge my spirit,
to care ..
to smile..
these are the sparks within my eyes,
but as my eye lids close to shut them within darkness,
so I trap my heart,
but, no matter how dark,
no matter how trapped,
no matter how hidden,
my heart is,
my soul doesn't need to look for it,
my soul knows,
I know what I feel,
to care for someone so much,
they light the night,
..shut ..
..shut ..
..SHUT .. please ..
I softly scream within my heart,
the warmth rages within,
my heart runs wild,
like a stallion into the sunset,
when did the fairy tale go wrong,
when was showing light ever supposed to hurt the flower,
how can the sun hurt a flower?
how can a flower hurt the sun?