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The Wiccan Wheel of the Year
by SilentRune

        Their breath caught the morning snap, as cold as it was. Many figures stood in the browning grass that night, awaiting the re-birth. The anticipation was high as they awaited patiently for the arrival, the coming of the God.

        Many silently prayed as they had endured the long, harsh, bitterly cold winter. They had seen the cold sickness take too many of their loved ones, the nights seemedendless...and supplies were running short. Soon, there would be nothing left to eat and all would have to tighten their belts, before this winter was over.

        The sun crested the top of the standing stones, in the place they called Stonehenge. The knew as they stood watching that indeed, the sun had truly been reborn. The golden light breathed a welcome ray of warmth on the faces of the observers gathered that day.

        Our ancestors literally lived and died by the turning of the Wheel of the Year. The harsh reality of early agricultural societies was that if the crops failed, lives would belost to hunger and disease. If the crops were plentiful, the people would be plentifuland flourish. Is it any wonder that these peoples marked well the turning of the wheel of the year? The changing of the seasons from Winter to Spring, to Summer and Fall were incredibly important to the survival and well-being of the clan as well as the individual.

        What does this have to do with modern day Wicca? If a major crop fails today, the store will still supply the lettuce and onions, just at a bit higher price. As Wicca is an Earth based spiritual path, we have followed the tides and ebb and flow of natures rhythm and understood it's effects upon us, as individuals and as groups of individuals. We hearken to her call, as the influence of winter turns into the re-birthing of Spring and Summer.