Magick: Color

Basic Color Correspondences
by SilentRune

        Colors have many different interpretations and people tend to 'feel' them in different ways. Below are some common uses and associations for each. Use those colors that you feel most comfortable using for the need you might have.

health, physical well being, deep healing, the element of Earth, grounding, centering and balance, money, Gnomes, Faeries, finances, fertility

Peace, tranquility, release from pain, cooling, the sea, The element of Water, emotional balance, emotional strength, purity, cleansing, Undines, MerFolk, change

Darker Blue:
Deep meditation, intensity, the Mysteries, the Mother, psychism, healing

Passion (of all types), desire, strength, raw power, the element of Fire, renewal, cleansing, need, lust, physical exertion, Salamanders, Dragons, good fortune, life, transformation, protection, courage

Luck, health, attraction, polarity, energy and success, the God, stimulation, honor

Imagination, creativity, writing, studying, the element of Air, clarity of thought, organization, speech, Sylphs, Pegasus, the Sun, divination, memory

Emotional love, emotional healing, and friendship

Purity, strength, cleansing, unity, harmony, the Fifth Element of Spirit, Goddess, Maidenhood, purification, moon, hope, truth, protection

Neutrality, the astral realms, peace, and rest

Absorption and destruction of negativity, reversal, cleansing, midnight, the Crone, change, transformation, banishing

Earth, healing for animals, home, balance, and foundation

Spirituality, duality, Fifth element of Spirit, Spiritual balance, clergy, and power