Magick: Candle

Candle Magick
by SilentRune

        Candle magick is a very old form of sympathetic magick. We have all used candle magick at one time or another. A very common form of candle magick is the traditional birthday candle. If you were to think about it, what is it you are doing? You are wishing (focusing energy and will) on the candles. When you feel you have a strong image of your wish, you blow them out. Hence, the birthday wish is activated.

        Candle magick serves many purposes from the simple birthday wish to the most complex spell work. Many religions use candles as a focus. Candlelight in and of itself is almost magickal. If you are in a room that is lit by standard lighting, the room will appear to be normal. However, a room lit solely by candles has a certain ambiance, or atmosphere sometimes by accident, other times by design.

        Colors are very important when employing candle magick. If you need some work on emotional issues, the calming color of blue would be appropriate. For money, you would want to use a green candle obviously representing money. Refer to colors on the Color Magick page for some basic references.

        Ethics in candle magick, as in any form of magick, are very important. Remember the three-fold law: That which goes out can and will come back to the sender three times for good or ill.

        Preparing a candle for use in magick is often referred to in the magickal community as dressing a candle. This is also a very helpful in establishing the mindset needed to perform ritual and to augment its purpose. Utilizing the energies of herbs, oils, glitter, or a sharp object for inscription can truly magnify the effects of such a spell.

        Using the first two fingers and your thumb of your projective (or dominant) hand, place a small amount of the appropriate oil* on your fingertips. If you are working towards attracting something to you, start at the top of the candle at the wick and draw down, in a clockwise motion. If you are sending outwards, such as to get rid of a bad habit or sending energy to someone, start at the base and work upwards toward the wick in a clockwise or sun-wise motion.

        You can also employ herbs depending upon your need. For example, if you desire strength or conviction, you might crush some John the Conqueror root or even grind some pine to powder and sprinkle it at the base of the candle.

        Letís make a sample candle magick spell. If youíve a difficult time in the home, and you feel that there is a lot of negative energy running rampant, you might employ candle magick to take some of the negative energy away. The first thing to do is to evaluate the need, which in this case is restoring peace to the home. The next thing to do is to prepare some ingredients. A black candle for removing and grounding the negativity, a white candle to replace the negative energy with positive, some patchouli oil and some cinnamon.

        The next step is to visualize / imagine the negative energy swirling around your home. Dress the black candle with the patchouli oil. Now, light the candle. As the candle burns, it draws the bad energy from all around and destroys it. When you take energy away, it is always wise to replace it; nature abhors a vacuum. Dress the white candle with cinnamon; visualizing the vibration of love embedding into the candle. Now, when you feel that the candle is ready, light it. See your white candle adding positive energy into your home. Itís just that simple. Your home will soon be clean. Just remember to maintain that visualization. It is usually wise with something like this to let the candles burn to completion. You can place them on a plate or in the bathtub out of the way of small children and pets. Always remember to keep it safe!

        A little knowledge and creativity can go a long way. Learning about candle magick can truly enhance oneís life. Always remember that there is no such thing as a quick fix for anything. Sometimes hard work is what is needed to solve some of lifeís problems. However, candle magick can truly benefit oneís life in many ways. Always use caution and remember the focus of your intent, but most of all enjoy!

In love and Life,