Bright Dragyn

Dark Angel

A hole in my spirit and soul
Feeling so alone as the day goes on
Watching the world together
I feel so alone...
The night is dark
Alone and cold without the warmth and light of my bright dragyn
The keeper of my soul
His eyes so bright and caring
So loving to the world
So dark and confused
I understand his eyes but not his emotions
His kiss so soft
To stop my breath
To open my heart
To love me as no one else
Fills the hole in my spirit and soul
I understand the care and fear within him
But I cannot express my own
I feel so lost in my mind....
But I begin to understand the fear and love I have for him
I fear of what he feels for me
I fear of the loss of him
I fear i have too much love and care for him and he feels another
The love for him I can not explain
The emotion feel deep within
Strong and clear, in his arms I understand
I want to speak
But I have no words
I see his eyes, sacred but strong
I feel he understand the fear I have within, like his own
Deep and enclosed inside
He is my protector against the world
He takes me away
Into the light we go alone together
Far away from the world of hate
I feel so alive when were together