A Sound From the Sea


Eyes closed,
mind open,
my heart free to sore
like a bird my soul flies
the soft sound lifts me
my footprints trail
my every step upon the silky sand
I hear the rolling of the ocean
I can feel the strength of
the ocean with each salty breath
I take
the tide slides across the sand
and over my feet
a refreshing cold chill crosses
my body
light flashes
a glow and warmth wash over
the sea and shore
the sun's brilliance rise behind
a horizon of blue and gold
all this warmth
all this wonder
all my love
would mean nothing
if your footprints did not
trail along side mine
if I did not see the warmth
of your smile next to me
as it crosses your mind
as your heart ponders my
simple gift simple shell from the sea
I too hold a shell
the exact same in fact
and each morning I hold my shell
and I listen to a little bit
of the ocean that is trapped
within it's magikal curved walls
and I hope you do the same
so each day I can imagine
this brilliant day
a walk with you along the shore
to feel the warmth of the sunrise
and to have it totally eclipsed
by the power and warmth
I feel when close to you.