A Little Pissed Off


a single word,
a stereotyped title,
frustration overflows,
anger held within,
being a certain sex,
does not make a good parent,
single fatherhood is not synonymous,
with stupidity or failure,
why does every women think they know,
by birth the world of parenthood,
why is it always women without kids that do that,
the greatest part of me is fatherhood,
nothing above it,
but always some women will walk in,
out of the shadows or in from the sun,
and go,
here raise your son this way,
or say
no .. no .. no ..
thats not how you do it,
this is what you should do,
I'm tired of shadows in my life trying to talk,
fading away far to fast and often,
just this once I tell you all,
shut up...
after you decide the grass is greener somewhere else,
after you walk away and forget to walk back,
after you tire of being held back by your own stupidity,
and cant handle the world of a man and a son,
after you fade away,
after you are gone,
what then..
don't talk to me of best wishes,
don't say its better this way,
don't tell me you love me .. just not in love,
just don't say anything,
I will be here,
I will be with him,